Type 1: Direct Service to the Community

Below you'll find some examples of direct service to the community across McGill that are not necessarily featured in Community Engagement Day on October 5th. We're attempting to provide a portrait of the work being done in this area, not a comprehensive list--but if you'd like your work featured, please email us at ced.sede@mcgill.ca.

Athletic Department

The Athletics Department is involved in a myriad of outreach activities including visiting patients at the Children's Hospital, a Redmen Basketball homework program and mentoring in Lachine, mini basketball clinics, motivational speeches at a variety of schools including Face High School, James Lyng High School, and more. As well, the Athletic Department and various teams are involved in Charity scrimmages and food and equipment drives by the Varsity Council.

Athletics Department Page: www.mcgill.ca/athletics
Varsity Council Page: www.mcgill.ca/athletics/varsitysports/mvsc
Varsity Council Outreach Page: www.mcgill.ca/athletics/varsitysports/mvsc/outreach
Right-to-Play McGill Page: http://rtpmcgill.ca

McGill Dentistry Outreach Program


  • To work directly and creatively with the Montreal community to provide free basic dental care to people who cannot access private dental care because of financial hardship or physical or psychological disability.
  • To train student dentists in delivering care to a population with needs different from those who regularly attend private dental offices.
  • To support volunteerism in its truest sense by bringing together professional dentists, student dentists, and community and student volunteers to help those who could not otherwise afford dental care.

Dentistry Community Page: http://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/community

McGill Fantasia Students Club

McGill Fantasia Students Club is a group of students who use our talents to perform for the elderly, the blind, and the terminally ill at senior residences and hospitals in the Montreal area. Our members sing, dance, and play musical instruments, but we also welcome students with other interesting talents such as juggling, performing magic tricks, playing yoyo etc. We are amateur performers from diverse faculties and backgrounds who aim to make a difference with whatever talents we have!

We have performed at venues such as Manoir de l'Âge d'Or, Jewish Eldercare Center, the Montreal Association for the Blind, CHSLD St-Georges, the Royal Victoria Hospital. We also organize fundraising concerts and our past charities and causes have included DreamCorps, Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, Montreal Heart of the City Piano Program, and Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami, and Sichuan earthquake relief funds.

Articles on McGill Fantasia Students Club: www.forcesavenir.qc.ca/en/universitaire/finaliste_view/1465

Borderless Worlds Volunteers: Local Development Committee

We assist in empowering youth to lead and be part of group ventures directed towards the implementation of development projects at the most basic level. We provide a channel through which students can cause specific, measurable and long-lasting impact in the communities in which they work. We encourage our teams to research their proposed field site, develop a viable project proposal with measurable goals and benchmarks, conduct background research, and create a financial assessment of the project. Thus we encourage youth to participate not only in the application of development ideas but also in the design, implementation and assessment of their own projects. Developing tomorrow's leaders in development is our mandate.

BWV's local development committee is involved in a wide variety of projects around the Montreal area. We encourage volunteers to contribute to the well-being of members of their own community. From 2008 to present, BWV members have been involved in the following local community programs:

Immigrant Workers Centre

The centre is an education and campaign centre for immigrant workers. Their activities include individual-rights counseling and education workshops. Volunteers usually handled office work, such as answering the telephone, listening to voice messages, and relaying messages. The centre also allowed the volunteer to choose which area they would like concentrate on: Case studies, Outreach, or Fundraising. BWV volunteers have generally preferred dealing with case studies. For example, some members had been helping a Tamil refugee who was facing deportation back to Sri Lanka in the midst of an on-going ethnic conflict. BWV members tried to garner public attention through contacting newspapers to find journalists who were interested in writing an article on this issue, and other human rights organizations to support the cause.

MADA Community Centre

Located in the heart of the Jewish community in cote-des- neiges, MADA is the only soup kitchen that serves kosher food. Tasks volunteers were involved in included set-up, serving, and clean up.

Club Déjeuners Du Québec

The Breakfast Club serves breakfast to young students whose parents either cannot afford to or simply do not have the time to provide their children with this essential meal. Tasks volunteers were required to do included setting up, preparing meals, serving meals, and cleaning up.

Contactivity Senior's Centre

The Contactivity Centre offers Westmount seniors a variety of activities and programmes, including twice-weekly community meals, courses ranging from Tai Chi to history, and everything in-between, day trips, restaurant outings, arts and crafts, bridge and chess groups, and watercolouring sessions. It also offers a range of home-support services, such as assistance with grocery shopping, accompaniment to medical appointments, a shared taxi service for seniors with poor mobility, as well as a volunteer-run daily telephone check-in service for those who live alone. Information and referrals are also provided on different senior-related topics. Our volunteers assist the seniors with grocery shopping, special events, friendly visits, etc.

Additionally, BWV volunteers strive to organize on-campus initiatives which aim to support local organizations in the city of Montreal. In March of 2011, BWV hosted its first-ever book drive as a part of its effort to replenish the in-patient reading collection at Montreal General Hospital. In November of 2011, BWV hosted its first-ever clothing drive to donate all items collected to the homeless of Montreal via the People's Church. Finally, in December of 2011, our volunteers took part in our Christmas Card Outreach program to provide the homeless of Montreal a method of communication to loved ones and/or significant others in time for the holiday season!

BWV Community Development Page: borderlessworld.org/page/community-development-1

Special Mention: Clinic Pointe-St-Charles

In 1968, students in medicine, nursing and sociology at McGill University, concerned with lack of adequate medical services in the neighbourhood, set up the Community Clinic. They quickly got local residents involved in the project.

At that time, in addition to the medical students, the staff consisted of a nurse, a parttime doctor and a psychologist. The kind of medicine they practised tied together health problems and social problems, and focused on their root causes.


The Clinic is a health agency controlled by the women and men living in the community. Its mission is to offert preventive and curative services and with community members, organizes around health issues to improve the quality of health for everyone in the short and long term.


The Community Clinic is a community non-profit that has concluded agreements with the Ministè€re de la Santé to deliver direct services as a CLSC in the territory of Pointe-Saint-Charles. Through their Annual General Assembly and the citizen-controlled Board of Directors, Community residents are responsible for making decisions about the Clinic's policies and services and ensuring that the Clinic meets the neighbourhood's health and social services needs. The Clinic's policies are driven by a central conviction: access to free, universal and public health and social services is an essential social right and it is non- negotiable.

Clinic Pointe-St-Charles Page: ccpsc.qc.ca/en


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