Thanks to all who registered for this year's Community Engagment Day!

Quick Registration Instructions

Note: This is our short version of registration instructions. For a longer, more detailed version, please see below. If you are having difficulty registering, please read through the long version of registration

The registration system detailed below will work for undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty and administration. If you are an alumni, or otherwise lack active McGill credentials, email

1. Choose your project. You can read through a complete list of projects on our Projects tab

2.Go to Our Registration Webpage

3. Log in by clicking the log in button at the top right hand corner of the page

4. Fill out the form which is linked to on the event page

6. Submit your form, and look for a green box which indicated that your form has been successfully submitted

7. Await further information in the form of email from your group leader. These emails will be sent out shortly before Community Engagement Day.

Thank-you for registering for Community Engagement Day

Long Registration Instructions

Step One:

Head over to Our Registration Webpage

Step Two:

Browse through the list of events, each of which constitutes one Community Engagement Day project. Events are listed in order of the time they occur, and each event has a basic description of the project. For a more detailed list of projects, including organization information, please see our Projects tab

Please be mindful that although the majority of projects take place on Friday, October 4th, there are some events that take place both before and after.

Each event has different capacity, and unfortunately once a capacity is filled you will no longer be able to register. We will do our best to update the event list so that you will be able to see which projects are full from the main event page, but unfortunately this is not automatic. Please have patience during the registration process!

Step Three:

After selecting a project, click on the event page. You will see a list with a date, time, location, and meeting point. Confirm that this fits your schedule.

Step Four:

You must first log in. Use the same credentials you use to log in to Minerva. A log in button will appear on the top right hand corner of the page.

Step Five:

You must complete a form (link on the event page). Responses to these questions will only be used by the Community Engagement Day (CED) coordinators and activity group leaders for organizational purposes, and to improve future CED recruitment and outreach efforts. Attendance will be taken before all CED activities, so if you are no longer able to attend, please email to the coordinators at

Step Six:

Click the button that says Submit for Approval

Step Seven:

Once you see a green box with the text, Your form was successfully submitted, you have successfully registered!

Step Eight:

Before Community Engagement Day, you will receive an email with more information about your project. Double check your meeting spot and make sure you arrive on time! If you have any problems during the registration process, please email



  • SEDE

  • CED Appreciation Night

    We'll be inviting Community Engagement Day participants, group leaders, and community members to a get-together in the third week of November. Stay tuned for more info from the coordinators!
  • SPF

  • We want to hear from you

    If you're doing community engagement work at McGill and want to collaborate for next year's event, please get in touch:
  • Want more info?

    Head over to our FAQ to see some commonly asked questions, or you can drop us a message at You can also swing by our offices at 3610 McTavish most weekdays.